Core Values

Our Core Values

Core values are the principles that guide every aspect of our work here at Artesyn. They direct us in determining the right paths to pursue and help us to fulfill our business and social goals.  Unlike laws that change over time, our core values create a resolute and unchanging foundation for our Compliance & Ethics Program and the Artesyn Employee Code of Conduct.



First and foremost, we must conduct ourselves and our business with unwavering integrity.  Only with this foundation can our business succeed. Integrity means being honest, forthcoming, and transparent in all that we do.  It also means respecting others, including diverse ideas and cultures, and recognizing our team members for their contributions.



Innovation is the lifeblood of our company. We invest in research, design, manufacturing, and employee resources in a way that promotes and supports innovation in every aspect of our business.



Artesyn is committed to providing compelling, quality products and services that consistently exceed the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers, suppliers and stakeholders.


Social & Environmental Stewardship

Artesyn desires to create products that improve people’s lives, while at the same time operating its business such that the world is left in a better place for future generations.  This means we must treat our people and our environment in the most responsible manner possible, providing a safe, healthy, challenging and ultimately fulfilling workplace for our employees and pushing ourselves to continuously improve the impact we have upon the Earth.


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