PS1650 Series

The Artesyn PS1650 is a high availability power supply unit (PSU) developed for hyperscale cloud deployments.

The PS1650 was designed to support an open source hardware development effort through Open Compute Project (OCP) collaboration under the Microsoft Project Olympus initiative. The PS1650 supports a new standard building block model for OCP solution providers to develop hardware solutions from a common design.

기술 데이터시트 브로셔 서화 이 페이지 인쇄
  • 총 최대 전력:
    1,650 W
  • 총 최대 전류:
    135 A
  • 입력 전압:
    180 V to 264 V
  • 출력 전압:
    12.25 V - 12.25 V
  • 출력:
  • 크기(L x W x H):
    12.930" x 5.118" x 1.570"
  • 보증
    1 year
  • 작동 온도:
    10 °C to 45 °C

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