Artesyn 50V 3kW Open Rack V3 PSU

Advanced Energy's Artesyn introduces the ORV3 3 kW PSU for use in the Open Rack V3 Power System. The PSU is a single-phase AC to DC power supply that operates from nominal input voltage from 200 to 277 VAC and produces 50 V, 60 A (3 kW) DC output. Within the ORV3 1OU Power Shelf, six of the ORV3 rectifiers operate in parallel, current sharing mode to produce 15 kW of N + 1 redundant power. The ORV3 Power System features a narrow DC voltage range to eliminate oversize design and enable high efficiency, fixed ratio downstream DC to DC conversion.

기술 데이터시트 이 페이지 인쇄
  • 총 최대 전력:
    3,000 W
  • 총 최대 전류:
    60 A
  • 입력 전압:
    180 V to 305 V
  • 출력 전압:
    50.5 V - 50.5 V
  • 출력:
  • 크기(L x W x H):
    2.894" x 20.669" x 1.575"
  • 보증
    2 years
  • 작동 온도:
    -5C to 40C
  • Peak efficiency 97.5%
  • Efficiency greater than 96.5% for 230 VAC to 277 VAC and 30% to 100% load range
  • 200 VAC to 277 VAC nominal input voltage range
  • Active + Droop current sharing
  • Hot swappable
  • Cooling via internal fan with speed control
  • Modbus/PMBus communications
  • Interface for monitoring and control
  • Black box fault logging

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